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Joliet Treatment Center, Illinois Inmate Search

Joliet Treatment Center, Illinois Inmate Search

The Joliet Treatment Center, located at 2848 WEST MCDONOUGH in Illinois, is a specialized jail facility that houses inmates from various regions. It primarily serves inmates from Will County and surrounding areas. Currently, the facility has a capacity to incarcerate up to 486 inmates, with 181 inmates currently housed at the center.





How Do I Find Out If Someone Is In Joliet Treatment Center, Illinois?

To find out if someone is in the Joliet Treatment Center, you can access the jail records. By visiting the official website of the Illinois Department of Corrections at https://www2.illinois.gov/idoc/facilities/Pages/JolietTreatmentCenter.aspx, you can search for inmates and obtain information about their incarceration status. Additionally, you can contact the Joliet Treatment Center directly at (815) 730-4400 to inquire about an individual's presence at the facility.

How many inmates are in Joliet Treatment Center

Currently, there are 181 inmates housed in the Joliet Treatment Center.

About the Joliet Treatment Center

The Joliet Treatment Center is a facility designed to accommodate a maximum of 486 inmates. Presently, it houses 181 inmates, accounting for approximately 37.24% of its maximum capacity. This facility plays a crucial role in the overall inmate population of Will County, with 4.89% of all inmates being housed at the Joliet Treatment Center.

Inmate Visitation in Joliet Treatment Center

To visit an inmate at the Joliet Treatment Center, visitors must adhere to certain requirements. These requirements may include pre-registration, providing valid identification, and following specific visitation rules. To ensure a smooth visitation process, it is advisable to conduct a prisoner search and obtain detailed information about visitation guidelines. For more information, please visit https://www2.illinois.gov/idoc/facilities/Pages/JolietTreatmentCenter.aspx.

How to Send Money to An Inmate in Joliet Treatment Center, Illinois

There are two primary methods to send money to an inmate at the Joliet Treatment Center. Firstly, you can conveniently send money online by following the instructions provided on the official website at https://www.illinois.gov/idoc/facilities/Pages/AllFacilities.aspx. Alternatively, you can send money by mail to the facility's address at 2848 WEST MCDONOUGH, Joliet, Illinois, 60436.

What is the official website of Joliet Treatment Center in Illinois?

The official website of the Joliet Treatment Center in Illinois is https://www.illinois.gov/idoc/facilities/Pages/AllFacilities.aspx.

What is the phone number of Joliet Treatment Center in Illinois?

The phone number for the Joliet Treatment Center in Illinois is (815) 730-4400.


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